Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Many hearts. Much love--My resume.

I thought about just plunging into the tips and tricks of the trade, but then I thought I'd better give you my qualifications first...

I am a stay at home mother of six amazing boys, masha allah. I pray that the Lord will shower them with blessings every moment of their lives.

My first son, Prince, is 8 years old.
My second son, Energizer, is 7 years old.
My third son, Earnest, is 5 years old.
My fourth son, Patience, is 3 years old.
My fifth son, Little Man, is 2 years old.
My sixth son, Sunshine, is 6 months old.

I had my first son while my husband and I were still living in my hometown. Shortly after he was born, we moved to a small town where we lived while he attended school and worked full time to support us. I had my next four children in that town. My last son was born in my husband's hometown in the Middle East, where we have been living since he graduated.

I have had long hours alone with my children while my husband spent a day at the University coming home just to eat and head off to a full work shift. I have had even longer weeks alone with my children when my husband returned to the States to further his education.

I have learned to plan without loosing spontaneity. I have learned to be prepared without hoarding. I have learned to be strong without sacrificing flexibility. I have learned how much hurt my childish words and actions caused my own mother. I have learned how to cook and clean and laugh at the biggest messes I have ever seen in my life. I have learned to give of myself without giving up myself. And most of all, I have learned to never stop learning.


  1. And to think, I thought you grew up in a large family (one sister and two brothers). We all live and learn. I'm sure your mother understands. She's a lucky lady to have so many grandsons. I'll give her a hug when I see her;o)
    I love your blog, keep the recipes coming!

  2. Well I think your blog is great! Good luck and may blessings to you and your wonderful family. I think I am going crazy being a SAHM to two boys and a girl. This while my oldest helps me with the youngest and the boys are in school. Now I am completely humbled. I do however have a hate/hate relationship with my laundry room.

  3. Beautiful, this post got me so excited to read more!


  4. Well, you're definitely hired :) What an impressive resume, ma'shaAllah :D

    I really liked this post =D